LaWN - Lawns of Wisconsin Network

Lawns of Wisconsin Network
Larry Vogel, Secretary
1891 Spring Valley Road Jackson, WI 53037

Phone: (262) 677-2273

Fax: (262) 677-2961


Lawns of Wisconsin Network is a trade organization that specifically serves the lawn care industry. Their members include application businesses, landscapers who offer these services, and product manufacturers. LaWN provides educational opportunities to its members directly, and by distributing information regarding upcoming events. LaWN also helps to keep members apprised of important events and issues that impact the industry. Additionally, LaWN serves as the major lobbying force for the industry in Wisconsin.

Lawns of Wisconsin Network


Andy Kurth, Weed Man (608) 824-0043

Vice President

Joe Bilskemper, Lawn Care Specialists, Inc. (608) 781-3217


Larry Vogel, Spring Valley Turf Products (262) 677-2273


Bill Frederickson, TruGreen (920) 378-2231

LaWN Representatives to the WGIF Board

Terry Kurth, Weed Man Madison  (608) 824-0043

Bill Vogel, Spring Valley Turf Products  (262) 677-2273

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