Melinda Myers

2012 Hall of Fame Award Recipient

Melinda Myers is an award winning author, nationally known television and radio expert, columnist, contributing editor for two national magazines, horticulture instructor and  career liaison between students and Green industry professionals, speaker, arborist, promoter of the industry and of WGIF—the list goes on and on.

As CFGW Vice President George Radtke put it, “A one-person whirling dervish, Melinda Myers is the face and voice of horticulture in Wisconsin.” He went on to say, “There are two necessary components to the Green industry—neither can exist without the other. They are the customers and the workers, those who do the work, the growers, garden centers, landscapers, etc. Melinda Myers’ lifetime work has introduced, inspired, and taught both the customers and the workers, nurturing and advancing the industry, possibly more than any other person in Wisconsin."

The keystone to Melinda’s accomplishments is her ability to engage people to have fun and enjoy the beauty and nature of gardening, encouraging them to succeed, readily sharing her knowledge, and imparting her love of gardening with genuine and heartfelt authenticity to both new and experienced gardeners all over the country. In turn, our industry benefits greatly in countless ways from her efforts.

Congratulations to Melinda Myers with many thanks for the inspiration you provide and for your dedication to this industry.

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