Wind Power

Top Green Investing Opportunities

Earlier, consuming organic vegetables and using technologies like solar power, etc seemed like a luxury, but now, as the world is moving towards green technologies, it is thriving to become the new normal. The increase in pollution, green house gasses, non-renewable sources of energy have destroyed the earth completely and its only time that we move ahead to alternative sources of power and energy generation. One of them is the use of green technologies and investing opportunities.

Green Power assets

Power generation does not necessarily require burning fossil fuels as there exists various other “green” energy alternatives that have derived and proved as an asset to the “green” investment opportunities. The other options include wind energy, solar energy, Geo thermal energy, etc. These renewable sources of energy have proved their ability time and again.

Green Power assets

Water stocks

Water is the most abundant forms of renewable sources of energy available on the earth. However, there always exists fear about the extinction of freshwater from the earth, and the fear is real. In South Africa, the majority of the rives dried up for a good couple of months in 2018, until necessary measures were taken to replenish the water supplies. One of the best means to invest in water supplies is by following the green investments in water stocks. For example, American Water, which is the largest utility company in the United States supplies clean drinking water to almost 14 million people.

Wind Power

Wind is the most abundant form of green energy available from the environment, after solar energy. It has helped countries like China generate 217 gig watts of power, which is the largest in the world, followed by America that generates 96 gig watts of power. Hence, wind power is a smart investment for the green energy supply and production.

Solar Power

As the public awareness grew regarding the generation of electricity using solar panels, it also powered them to expand the business of solar panels. From solar watches to solar energy powered cars, the choices of using solar energy are limitless. Hence, it is the best green energy investment that a company, business or even a house hold can adopt.

Pollution Controls

While we’re concentrating on using alternative sources of green energy, it is also mandatory for the world to reduce pollution simultaneously. From the industry effluents to the carbon monoxide released from the tailpipe of the car, the effluents cause only harm to the environment and it is time that these needs to be changed. Hence, using pollution control is the best way to reduce the pollution in the atmosphere while the alternative green investments increase simultaneously.

Green transportation

This is in addition to above-mentioned, point since pollution is caused mainly due to the harmful emissions from the car and other hazardous gases released into the atmosphere. One big name that pops our mind is the Tesla, that is popular for investing in all the possible green technologies, that reduces the amount of harm caused to the environment. Hence, investing in green transportation is a great option.